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I just want someone who will let me sit down when I come home and rub my achy little feet after 9 hours of school/work

I’m an esthetician in training and all I do all day is rub EVERYONE EVERYWHERE and make them feel relaxed which I nice I enjoy what I do but I just need a break or some relaxation for a little

But nooooo, even when I come home I rub people and make them feel nice when they hurt somewhere. And I get dirty looks when I ask for a simple foot rub

person:  wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
me:  i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated

I want to be Instagram famous for my makeup and I want companies to send me makeup supplies and I would be so happy because I’m so poor it hurts, and makeup is literally the only thing that brings me joy

Ryan Murphy:  I think we may have made that clown too scary like I'm actually worried
Me:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah ok buddy nothing scares me I'm made of steel and children's tears  *sees twisty the fucking demon clown with his chomping big ass teeth*
Me:  *leaves all the lights on in my house* *pees with the door open* *puts protection spell up in front of my house* *moves into my parents room permanently*


*pulls up to obviously murderous clown*

"Excuse me clown do you do private parties for children?" 


just girly things: wishing you had a smile as pretty as twisty’s